Pennsylvania Water Science Center


USGS Waterwatch:
Maps of Current Conditions

Pennsylvania Streamstats

Delineate watersheds and estimate streamflow

National Water Information System (NWIS)

View current and historical streamflow, groundwater level, and water-quality data for Pennsylvania

Real-time data

Historical data


Water-Quality Information and Studies

Water-Quality Toolbox
  • Philadelphia Water-Quality Monitoring
    A cooperative project with the Philadelphia Water Department
  • WaterQualityWatch
    View stream-temperature and water-quality monitoring data
  • NWIS Mapper
    View the locations of sites with USGS water data
  • Temperature Converter:
    Enter a number and click on the "Calculate" button
    °F   =   °C
  • Alkalinity Calculator
    Input titration data, compute endpoints, output graphs

Recent Water-Quality Publications (full listing)

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