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 Ground-Water Conditions, Potomac River Basin

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land use in the potomac river basin
Land Use (1997) in the Potomac basin (larger map)

The Potomac River Basin is experiencing rapid growth and development. According to a recent study from the Chesapeake Bay Program, population in the basin is expected to increase by almost twenty percent from 2000 to 2020. Some areas of the basin, especially those within commuting distance of Washington, DC, are projected to grow much faster. A study conducted in 2000 by the Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin (ICPRB) for the Maryland Department of the Environment forecast that by 2030, consumptive water use in two sub-basins (Monocacy River and Middle Potomac River/Catoctin Creek) could exceed available supply in the event of a recurrence of historical low-flow conditions.

ICPRB has received funding via a grant from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), to initiate an assessment of ground-water resources in the Potomac River Basin. The purpose of the assessment is to provide information and tools to assist local governments to better understand and manage ground-water and surface-water resources in the Potomac River Basin. As part of the initial focus, the ICPRB, in partnership with the USGS, has begun an assessment of ground-water levels. This assessment includes the installation by USGS of real-time ground-water level monitoring equipment at observation wells in the basin and the creation of a web site with links to real-time data for levels of ground water in observation wells. As of March, 2007, 21 wells are instrumented with water-level recorders that have satellite telemetry so that the data can be transmitted and accesed by USGS computers to provide current conditions. This site provides access to those data.

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Ground-Water Conditions, Potomac River Basin
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