Surface-Water and Ground-Water Study Components


Project Overview

     Various water-quality issues were assessed through collection and analysis of surface-water, ground-water, and aquatic-biological data during the first 3-year intensive data collection effort. The intensive data collection effort occurred from 1996 through 1998 at various intervals and frequency, depending on the program objectives. For information on the overall design of the ALMN NAWQA project see the Study-Unit Design Summary Table.

The four principal water-quality issues in the Allegheny and Monongahela River Basin to be addressed by the Study-Unit Investigation include:

(1)  Contaminants common to surface and underground coal-mine discharge (e.g. acidity, iron, aluminum, manganese, and sulfate),

(2)  Volatile organic compounds (VOC's), pesticides, and nutrients from urban/residential land uses,

(3)  Runoff and loading of nutrients and pesticides to streams from nonpoint sources such as agricultural land uses, and

(4)  Occurrence of radon in ground water.

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